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The Stress-Busting Programs For Caregivers

The Stress-Busting Programs teaches you:

  • The impact of stress on your health and how it relates to caregiving
  • How to deal with stress through relaxation techniques and problem solving
  • How to care for yourself while providing better care for your loved one.

You will be given everything you need including a session handbook and online access to a meditation exercise and   relaxation strategies videos.
Caregivers who have completed this program feel significantly lower stress, depression, and anxiety and are able to enjoy a better quality of life. They have also experienced improvement in their ability to relax, manage stress and feel better about themselves.

Success Stories

I was so overwhelmed and unable to cope that I truly felt I was swimming against a strong current with no hope of reaching my destination. With the Stress-Busting Program I felt I had been tossed a life preserver and could see a glimmer of hope on the horizon. The current where I swim still gets rough sometimes, but I now have the tools to handle it and join the flow instead of fight it. (Family Caregiver Participant)
This isn’t how I thought life would be. I’m trying to accept and be grateful. Some days are really good, but many are hard. The Stress-Busting Program has helped me to understand that this is my new normal. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t use resources or ask for help. After all, I need to take care of myself so that I can care for my loved one (Family Caregiver Participant)
I was at a very low point in my life. The program saved me from going into a deep depression. It saved my life. (Family Caregiver Participant)

About the Program

The program consists of 90-minute sessions that occur once per week for 9 weeks. The program is conducted in a small group setting with two trained group facilitators. Participants are provided with many resources including a handbook covering class material, a meditation exercise, and a relaxation strategies videos.


Week Title and Content
1 Getting Started: Group introductions, purpose, and expectations of program. Relaxation Breathing
2 Stress: Effects on Mind, Body, and Spirit: Causes of stress, mind-body-spirit connections to stress. Meditation
3 Caregiver Stress and Relaxation: Effects of stress, relaxation response, creating a relaxation environment. Imagery
4 Facing Challenges: Understanding and managing difficult and challenging situations when caring for someone with dementia or a chronic illness. Hand Massage
5 Grief, Loss, and Depression: Grieving process and losses related to caring for someone with dementia or a chronic illness. Art
6 Coping with Stress: Discussion of changeable and unchangeable stressors. Changing roles and relationships. Use of coping strategies. Aromatherapy
7 Positive Thinking: Changing the way one can think (cognitive restructuring) and how to view situations in a more positive framework. Twisted thinking is discussed. Journaling
8 Taking Care of Yourself: Healthy Living: Integrating the strategies learned in earlier sessions to help develop a healthier lifestyle. Emphasis on incorporating good nutrition and sleep habits, exercise, and hobbies into daily routines. Music
9 Choosing a Path to Wellness: Final integration of first 8 sessions and applying it so caregivers will be empowered to take care of themselves. Caregivers create a plan to do this and focus on healthy living. Discuss assertiveness skills.


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