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Caregiver Support Teleconnection Events The role that Grief Plays
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The role that Grief Plays

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In this talk participants will explore the role that grief plays, it’s various manifestations, stages, and purposes. Grief can appear randomly or repeatedly for unpredictable periods of time. As an emotional companion to loss, grief can sometimes be misunderstood for depression, and lead to improper treatment. Everyone will receive suggestions for understanding and honoring the grieving process in themselves and others.

Date March 20, 2019

Hosted By Wellmed Charitable Foundation


Cynthia Hazel, M.A.
In presentations, Cynthia shows you how to turn mistakes into blessings, improve personal and business relationships, love yourself fully, and live mindfully with gratitude. She inspires you to live in peace, generously with joy. Cynthia combines personal qigong techniques with quantum energy to facilitate a complete healing experience. She helps clients validate emotions and make healthy changes. Cynthia enjoys helping persons dealing with trauma, chronic pain and stress to regain wellness.

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