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The A’s of Dementia

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This presentation takes a detailed look at the A’s of Dementia — from anxiety, anger, aggression, apathy to amnesia, aphasia, agnosia and apraxia – in a manner that allows caregivers to connect how each “A” is a result of specific damage in the brain’s lobes. Understanding the link between the behaviors of each “A” provides a method for professionals and family caregivers to track the progression of a person’s dementia and provide useful information to medical professionals.


Date February 5, 2019

Hosted By Wellmed Charitable Foundation


Tam Cummings, PhD
Tam Cummings, PhD is a gerontologist dedicated to untangling the complexities of dementia. An internationally recognized author, educator and keynote speaker, Dr. Tam has helped thousands of families and professional care partners throughout the United States, England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand understand the stages of dementia and the process of the disease.

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