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Caregiver Support Teleconnection Events LOLA – Loss of Life Advocates with Esther Pipoly
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LOLA – Loss of Life Advocates with Esther Pipoly

If you ask someone if they are prepared for a life transition or loss, they generally say they dont want to think about it, or they lean in and say, “I think so.” There is so much that goes into getting someone prepared and when you do the work, afterwards you will have the feeling of comfort knowing at the time of a transition or loss, all the decisions have been discussed or made already. LOLA walks you through as a guide talking about all the things together. “I realized after losing my father in 2014 and then my husband shortly afterwards, there was no one to be a guide for me.- that is when I came up with Loss of Life Advocates, named after my mother, to help individuals, and families prepare”

Date July 24, 2018

Hosted By Wellmed Charitable Foundation


Esther Pipoly
On July 29 2014 Esther Cardenas buried her father. Little did she know that less than three months later she would be burying her husband of 26 years as well. “At my father’s funeral my husband said he didn’t feel well” recalls Cardenas. “He was diagnosed with a malignant mass 14 days later and he died just 49 days after his diagnosis. It was that quick.” Now a widow and a single mother Cardenas found herself tasked with settling not just one but two estates all while she was in what she refers to as “grief paralysis.” It was an overwhelming process and one that taught her a lot of life lessons--lessons that she hopes no one else has to learn the hard way. That’s why she created Loss of Life Advocates (LOLA) a business designed to serve as a light during one of the darkest times of life. With services that range from grief recovery consulting guidance on vital document gathering assistance in closing down estates or businesses and employer and employee training and counseling LOLA is a one-stop shop for those people preparing for or dealing with the loss of a loved one. There is even an extensive referral list that includes everything from funeral homes and hospice care to attorneys and financial planners to pet and child care just to name a few.

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