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Caregiver Support Teleconnection Events The Pride of Caring: Issues for LGBT Caregivers
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The Pride of Caring: Issues for LGBT Caregivers

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Nationally, greater attention is being paid to the concerns facing caregivers. While many issues are the same for all adults and those who care for someone, some unique considerations arise for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans gender (LGBT) people dealing with their caregiving roles. This session will discuss some of these issues, and will provide an open forum and safe space for asking questions and discussing concerns.

Date April 2, 2020

Hosted By Wellmed Charitable Foundation


Elliot Montgomery Sklar
Dr. Elliot Montgomery Sklar is a public health professional with vast experience in managing health programs and initiatives. With over a decade of practice in supporting the health of the public through academic work, research and service to communities across the Americas, Dr. Sklar shares his passion and expertise in support of diverse caregivers and the complex issues they face.

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